• Bruder Romain
    Founder, developer, artist sometimes. Romain tries to merge his artist side and technical heart. He likes SF in general and especially big robots. He also loves (maybe too much) to learn and try new technical challenges.
  • Marchal Théo
    Founder, developer, game designer. Théo likes big robots, punk rock music, collecting vinyls and watching animes. He's also a big fan of rythm games and shmups, though he's not very good at them.
  • Beurdeley Hortense
    Game Designer, QA, communication. Hortense has a strong personality who loves setting challenges and objectives for every single day. She would like to be a part of the medical research to create new therapeutic contents helping people healing their disease in a playful way. She also vows a love for all genre of music which she devotes her free time to find new and non-famous artists.
Hana Celerity